• Cancer Research Foundation
    Cancer Research Foundation

Dr. LALL is the Chairman of Dr. Lall's Research and Development Trust and Director Operation of Cancer Research Foundation which works on Saving Children from Cancer and guiding all to heal from the Ancient Principles of Healing.

As per the International Research Published and reviewed, each and everyone of us is staggeringly exposed to the most dreaded and absolutely well marketed disease called CANCER.

According to Dr. LALL the problem is unique, it is not, that, there is no cure. The problem is nobody bothers to reason out, understand or change the root cause of why cancer happens.

According to him CANCER industry is a exceptionally big, rich and powerful business, and there is no way anyone could stop it.

This led Dr. Lall put all his focus and attention to save as many people possible from Cancer through his foundation.

According to Dr. LALL, the only Treatment from Cancer is to never have CANCER…. i.e Protection from Cancer.

Cancer Treatment is very expensive and the end result is certain Death.  So its far more economical to make some simple methodical changes at a very lost cost to save ourselves, our Children and Family from CANCER

This  is far more Wise than spending a lifetime wealth in trying to save someone who is suffering from cancer and cannot be saved.  He proposes and advocates that all should Care for family members when they are alive and stop showing care when they are dying.

: Saving Children form Cancer
: Advocating the Ancient Indian Principles of Healing
: Touching Lives and Making an Impact.

Cancer Research Foundation assist women patients suffering from various Hormonal disorders leading to cancer from the funds and sponsorships received by organizing various Cancer Awareness Campaigns and Programs.