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Am I Special?

Many disabilities are not so visible. Autism Spectrum disorder is one such spectrum disorders. Meet us to know more, Don’t double Guess.

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I am Not Broken

ASD is a neurological & developmental disorder that begins early in childhood and lasts throughout a person’s life

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Through Mother's Eye

The pain a mother undergoes, can’t be understood. So stop trying to empathize or sympathize, unless you have a autistic kid of your own.

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Don't Medicate, Just Love Me

The biggest challenge special kids face, is immediate rejection. Just because they cannot reciprocate with you, doesn’t mean they are sick.

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Accept them

Special kids are abandoned very easily. They are neglected first by their own family, they by society. Don’t abandon them. Accept them. Love them.

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Not a Disease

Autism is not a disease, that it will go away with medication. Use medicine as the last resort. Love always being the FIRST

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Special Nutrition

Special Kids require Special Nutrition. They have different needs, don’t stuff them what everyone in the family eats. Take help. We are here for you.

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Adult Autism

Angry and disturbed Autistic Kids will grow up to become Angry and Violent Adults. Get help as early as possible else family member becomes the First Victims

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